We made a record we're really proud of. We're of an age to still call them records, however they're released. This one is a CD. I listen to CDs as I drive the hour, hour and a half trip to and then from where we rehearse, near where I grew up. At first I was making that trip to reconnect with twenty years of songs I'd written with my brother. Then those drives became part of a homing instinct, call home the fleet, return, gather. Afterwards my brother and I would stand in our room in a leaking industrial building, play music and talk. Songs came as I thought about being a son losing a parent while myself being that to two small people. I poked at memories and wondered what theirs would be. Then came loss, hallucinogenic grief, more songs, and eventually - a record of all this. It's called Terminal Window, and we hope you like it. Paypal link in bio.

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