^r G and Rich
"These songs are big, and full of bile, and dreams, and ideas" - Careless Talk Costs Lives
January 2nd 2017 - On a personal level, casting aside the political as no one should, for the gestalt being Mr Gandrich the only way this coming year could trump 2016 is if our formative 1980s nuclear fears were to suddenly seem relevant again. A knowing gurn towards the fourth wall, like the worst of Robbie Williams. Even Robbie Williams doesn't seem like the worst of anything anymore. How does this work. Is this thing on? It's good to be back. We have an abundance of new songs - perhaps you've heard some of them already at https://youtu.be/1eEpeRT93LU, or maybe you heard them at the Wheatsheaf in Oxford towards the end of last year - and this month we're excited to be visiting a good friend's newish studio to cast out more demons. Some titles to put you in the (unsettled) mood - 'Driving Slow For Jesus', 'How I Learned To Be Free In An Unfree World', 'Starting To Feel How I Look Inside' and 'Everything Only Ever OK'. We'll update you here or on our excellently late 1990s message board.
Listening to George Michael with a sad heart. Reading Stewart Lee, Italo Calvino and Bernard Malamud. Installing Tor. Trying not to drive into animals on Minchinhampton Common. Born Under The Sign Of Ronald. MR G.